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Vendor Tracking (a.k.a. pixel tracking, cookies sync) is a functionality that allows third-party partners inject Javascript code (called SDK) in our core web app to receive data based on user behavior. Third-partners can receive any event (any trigger the user performs on our website such as a click, a search) coupled with data that is visible in our web app through this provided SDK.

Events and Event Types

Events are any point of user interaction within the trivago core app. These events are coupled with data that pertains to that event. For example, when a user performs a search: we trigger the search event and provide our partners with the data regarding that search (e.g check in date, check out date, etc). An exhaustive list of list of events and their corresponding data that we currently support can be found here:

The types of event we support but aren't limited to supporting are:

Event Triggered when
Homepage triggered when the user visits the homepage
Search triggered when the user performs a search
Clickout triggered when the user clicks on any of the results from their search